Muttertag 2021 Germany

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The history of Mother’s Day in Germany goes back to the Middle Ages. In Thuringia (one of 16 federal states) there was a Sunday when relatives visited and congratulated each other in the spring. Spring was associated with the beginning of life, and women gave this life to humanity. Nobody worked, everyone went to their parents and the mothers were blessed by their relatives that day. muttertag 2021

muttertag 2021


muttertag 2021 Germany


Muttertag 2021 Deutschland


Muttertag 2021 österreich


Muttertag 2021 Schweiz


Muttertag 2021 Bayern


The year 1922 was the time when Germans first celebrated Mother’s Day, and in 1933 the occasion was declared an official holiday, which was to be celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

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